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What Parties are thrown before a Wedding?

Nowadays, wedding rituals have become so widespread that the news has already spread in the neighborhood that the couple is getting married at home. What are the rituals to bring in the in-laws, and what are the rituals? The separate requirements of all these rituals are to keep the nose high in the family or to keep rubbing on the in-laws. Where we come from in our society, they have nothing to do with our Shariah, but we are conscious of it, and this is a tragedy. Despite the awareness instead of reducing them, we are going to increase with time.

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From Mehndi to Vilma’s event, if you want to celebrate the joy of marriage, this joy and excitement can be shown and celebrated within the boundaries of your home and at the appropriate times. So, they wake up all night long and flirtatiously, which is not a part of the marriage, but now it is becoming an essential part that without the fulfillment of the marriage, there can be no doubt that the servants of God will make these people very angry It hurts those who think that day and night work is for some worship and some rest.

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Do not interrupt others’ resting worship or work in your happiness on your deck. Loud noise causes a lot of trouble for a sick or a student, and your drum explosions do not get people who sleep early in the morning to go to duty at office, school, college, or university. Going to pay for your duties throughout the day is to take the test. Even a little thought should be taken of these people. There is no harm in it. There is no evil thought. It also falls into the category of moral, social, and human crime. That every action, every act, everything that causes others suffering is a crime. So why do you look at your happiness as a crime? And without money, you’ll spend a little caution spam others to go through the customs offending your happiness is your advantage in any others.

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Do not ever say that out of the mouth of a sick and vulnerable patient with an illness, do not let outrageous words for you. While avoiding the interruptions in preparing for the exam, do not expose any prayer that may become bad for you.

Celebrate the joy, but to the extent that your happiness does not hurt anyone, the fireworks firing loudly overnight on the deck and drum beat are not the way to be a civilized nation or society. Do not forget that marriage is an obligation and obligation to pay and what is the way of paying the duty. What ritual is what and what culture, think whether these are our teachings, or are they Islamic ways? What are the customs and customs that are the way and the manner of payment of duties and responsibilities? Many of them are causing problems for the middle and poorer populations in Pakistan than the wealthy people in Pakistan. So imagine how many people have cause for heartache and problems for your happiness. What you do not see in your fun is not hip or thinking.

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When our national hero can do it, why can’t you imitate him? This is an example of our hero’s effort, which he in an effort to end their marriage with such simple responsibilities as marriage, it was an attempt to end the rituals. In addition, there are still many families who still pay for all their affairs in the same Islamic traditions and teachings. When a few people can do it, why can’t we all do all these weird rituals? There are no cultures, don’t try to erase them by your identity, but try to purify your society from these nasty rituals that are good for all of us.

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