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How do You Plan a Wedding Events

Marriage is the bond between two human beings belonging to two families. There is no religion in this world, no religion, no tribe, no marriage. Everywhere marriage is a marriage between a boy and a girl or a man and a woman. If the spouse is to establish a kinship or illiterate rich or poor marriage, then everyone’s dream is a duty or compulsion, and everyone has to do something that some people do not do, but it is a natural necessity.

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There is a demand, and there is a social responsibility even though marriage is done in every religion, but marriage is celebrated in every religion and in every area. The arrangements and customs of the attic are of different natures, for example, in the Hindu religion, this relationship is fulfilled by taking seven turns around the fire, while in order for us to attach the spouse to the marriage, the marriage contract is required. Without it, no man or woman can be married to a man or a woman, nor can they have intercourse with each other without a marriage. It is not permissible to tie the knot, and the marriage is permissible only if both parties agree with each other for the marriage. ً That is, it is not permissible to force someone to engage in a marital affair by forcefully intimidating or by any kind of blackmail.

Set a Budget

There are also those who are self-invented of our society, while in society, there is no permission to marry a boy or a girl, and whoever does so is cruel and sinful, and there is no room for cruelty in Society. While Society is a religion of peace, happiness, and love and marriage is also a beautiful relationship between husband and wife who oppresses or it cannot be established by coercive effort, and such an affair cannot be established. It is a necessary condition for the marriage to be a boy and girl. There is also an affinity and improvement. Area Family Caste All Restrictions Not Important or Mandatory these restrictions are man’s self-imposed restrictions on a Muslim girl belonging to another Muslim boy, whether belonging to any country city language or family or caste. Or poor, if it is permissible for both men and women to marry, it is permissible for them to marry.

Choose a Venue

About marriage, it is generally believed that it is a great opportunity for any boy or girl or any man or woman and their families or families, and that marriage is a one-time event. The concept of marriage is common once, but sometimes this occasion occurs two or more times in the lives of some people, and for whatever reasons it may be that marriage is an occasion when all friends and companions Beloved relatives gather together to give the bride’s joys to the four moons so that the bridegroom will sing their love and joy to the bride.

Guest List and Wedding Party

Emotions show that life is blurred only by our happiness, we should share in each other’s happiness and realize how important we really are to others and to us and how much we all love each other. Believing that marriage is a joy and that it is a human right to celebrate and enjoy the joys of life and that he should also get the benefit of his rights, but it is not appropriate for anything to be exceeded.

There was talk about wedding rituals, we should be careful that our happiness does not cause suffering for others. It is better if the wedding ceremony is performed with simplicity but nowadays; the situation is very difficult, simplicity. Marriage is considered to be disabled.

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