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What Nail Art and in Fashion

Art patterns are visible not only on the lips but also on the nails. This is why the use of beautifully nail trimming and the use of colorful nail polish on the dress is an essential part of women’s makeup. As fashion also changes in the style of makeup, the style of nail decoration and texture changes, but the style of nail decoration has changed drastically over the past few years. Now women focus on nail polish more than lipstick. Fashion Experts says fine polish sales have grown more than lipstick. That’s a new record. Since then, lipstick is the only makeup item sold worldwide.

Nail Polish Shades

Now there are more nail polish shades available in the market and many shades that have not been used before. These unique and vibrant color shades are the first choice of young women these days and are considered a symbol of taste and fashion ability in innovative ways. Not only that, this new trend is now a regular art form. Nails are made of many different designs with nail polish on the nails, and the girls express their uniqueness by painting their nails artistically. This is why this art is called nail art.

X Tensions or Artificial Nails

The practice of nail x tensions or artificial nails on nails is particularly old, which women used to love long nails, but now with different charming designs, nail reps are also available in the market. Not only are the nails adorned with stickers that add to their beauty. Not only are that, but the charming pearls and nails on the nails also adorned with such beauty that it would be unfair to give the grandfather of the art.

Art Of Decorating Nails

The art of decorating nails has never before gained such popularity and prominence. As it is now, the funniest thing is that this art originated with small salons and then, as they look, they get regular business status. Went. Thus the nail art industry has taken on its importance, and various types of nail art are adding to the attractiveness of the hands.


Marble Nail Art

Marble nail art is a method whereby a nail polish is made by dropping it on the upper surface of the water and then moving the design onto the nails. Free Dragging creates a geometric design while making around the design in the Free Drawing style. This nail art can be used as a summer trend.

Fresh Fruit Nail Art

In addition, the beauty of nails can also be enhanced by Fresh Fruit Nail Art. If you are passionate about fashion and want something new, try watermelon art on your nails. Nail art is one of the trends; yellow and orange nail polish is used to nail this nail art.

Keeping the sun in mind, nails are arranged in a variety of beautiful styles from nail art. Which add four moons to the beauty of the nails. The trend also proved to be a favorite for celebrities from around the world. So when many famous actresses adopted female singers, fashion models, and even sports celebrity etiquette, nail art, it gained popularity very quickly. If you also want to adopt this art, you can satisfy your passion by taking ideas from various beautiful designs.

Nail polish

  • Then scrub your nails with the help of moistened and nasal stock with cautious cream.
  • Then gently push the tackles back and remove the dead skin.
  • Soak the cream once again by soaking your hands in warm water. Dry the hands with a towel.
  • Massage your hands with up hand cream for 5 to 7 minutes. Remove the excess cream with a wet towel.
  • Paint the nails with the nail polish of the desired color. Apply the base coat, let it dry, and then apply another coat.

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