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How Can You Groom Yourself before Marriage

From time immemorial, the woman has paid special attention to the beauty of her make-up, because it is part of her passion. Her purpose is to look attractive and beautiful. But as she gets older, her beauty begins to make a difference. So she does everything she can to make her look younger. From home-made tattoos to beauty parlours and modern scientific methods, everything is adopted.

Carry the Essentials

The history of make-up is as old as the human being itself, but it is contemporary to the point that new opportunities have been created to change the image. If your nose is flattened or flawed, then you have to cut it according to your wish. It can also make your lips look beautiful, whether on the skin or on the face, neck or abdomen can be all right.

Lip suction can drain the abdominal fat and make it smarter and smarter, making clear changes to its appearance, including removing baldness. These changes have been named plastic or cosmetic headgear. There has been a lot of growth during the last ten years. Not only women, but men are also paying special attention to themselves and taking advantage of all modern methods.

Paying Close Attention to Self-Grooming

In this regard, world first and only woman received special information from Alfred Plastic, Cosmetics, Hand and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Nabiya Rehman, who is a voracious reader. She says that it is the natural desire of every human to look beautiful and this is their right as well, so now women are paying close attention to self-grooming. However, they say that donations in the sector should be careful.

Don’t use Dandruff Cream

People are running clinics without the expertise and regular qualifications in the field, which can and do have dangerous consequences. Dr Nabiya adds that the dandruff creams are especially harmful in the market, especially because the skin is very sensitive to the skin when the pigments are applied in the sun, these skin burns. The shades fall off, and above all, the effects of ageing on the face start to become noticeable.

Whitening Creams are Harmful for Skin

She says that these creams contain steroids which make the skin thinner. She said that in London, whitening creams had been completely banned. However, many treatments have come to improve the skin. Freshening up your skin allows the effects of ageing to come late.

Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Nabiya says that the trend of cosmetics surgery has increased greatly in the last fifteen years. There is no training. People start working on machines. They think that they have become skin specialists. In fact, it has become a business. I want to tell people that while doing skin or self-grooming, they must check the quality of their doctor, specialist skincare.

Types of Skin Treatment

Dr Nabiya points out that there are two types of skin treatment of Sir Jekyll and Noon Sir Jekyll. Surgical treatment can only be done by a plastic surgeon. Trend plastic surgeon is very rare in Pakistan. Surgical include facial contouring, rhino plasticity, chin or cheekbones, face, neck, eyes, eyebrows, body contouring, pleasing and trimming the skin, etc., while non-head gel treatments include fillers, Botox, lip injections, Laser Facial, Laser Containing, and more. However, it is the doctor who determines which treatment is needed by the patient.

Side Effects In Head Jackets Or Non-Head Jackets Treatment

Regarding side effects in head jackets or non-head jackets treatment, Dr Nabiya said that if you go to a non-trending doctor or area, you will have 100% problem and if you go to an atrophied skin specialist. Of course, good results will come. There is nothing in the thread lift, fillers and Botox that will harm you.

As ageing decreases. Botox helps to create it, as well as fillers containing hyaluronic acid which refreshes the skin. Dr Nabiya Rehman says that the use of laser technology for self-grooming is becoming more common. With regard to laser treatment, Dr Nabiya said that most of the laser is used to reduce unnecessary hair, but it does not reduce hair completely.

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