Solar Panels For Your Home – Generate Electricity Or Heat Water?

If you have decided to install some sort of solar energy in your home then you must already be aware of the advantages. Finding a source of clean, cheap energy is important for everyone now and solar is a great option.

For a long time solar energy was seen as expensive and many people were reluctant to invest. However with improvements in technology, manufacture and a lower price, now is a great time to choose some solar panels for your home.

Choosing Your Home Solar System

The first decision to make is which type of system to have. There are two options; solar heating and photovoltaic panels. Each has advantages and disadvantages and the decision will also depend on where you live and the amount you can afford to pay.

Solar heating panels or solar collectors will heat water so they take over from the boiler during the day. They convert solar radiation into heat and so do not need direct sunlight. These systems are cheaper to install and can cut household energy bills by approximately fifteen percent. However they cannot be used to heat the house or generate electricity but they are smaller than the other panels.

The other option is panels with photovoltaic cells which can change sunlight into electricity. The space needed is larger than for solar heating panels and they need some direct sunlight. They are also more expensive but some of the cost can be met by Government grants.

The panels are modular so it is possible to have some installed and the inner parts of the system and then add panels later. If you live in a place with a lot of sunlight there is a good chance that you will generate more power than you need. In this case you can sell the excess electricity to a power company. This type of system should save your household around thirty percent of electricity costs.

Technological Advances

Recent advances in solar power technology have made both systems more efficient so that they can create more heat and power from the sunlight they harness.

For solar heating systems there are now evacuated tubes which collect more heat. If you live in a cold climate you can get them insulated to prevent loss of heat as the day gets cooler.

Photovoltaic cells have undergone several changes since they were first created. You will find 3 types of cell to choose from, all made in a different way. The most efficient are the Monocrystalline cells which have an efficiency rating between fifteen to twenty percent. They are the most expensive, but may be worth the investment.

Researching Your Solar Panel Requirements

Once you have decided which type of cell to install then you should work out how much power you want the system to provide based on your usage. Then you have to calculate how many panels using the output figure for each. This figure is called the peak power rating and is derived from a standardized test so that you can work out what to expect from your system.

This is a good time to invest in solar energy for many reasons. There are lots of options available when choosing solar panels for your home so you should be prepared to spend some time considering and looking around before you decide.

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