What to Do If You Are a Victim of Hospital Malpractice

Hospital malpractice is like dental or medical malpractice; however it does have one difference. Hospital malpractice may not be a result of actions regarding a specific doctor or medical personnel at the hospital. Hospital malpractice is usually a result of actions by hospital personnel that cause undue injury or pain. This injury or pain can be temporary or permanent as a result of misdiagnosis or other error. To help you better understand malpractice we are going to look at what it is; how a malpractice lawyer may be able to help you, and how these types of cases are usually settled.

Malpractice is when a medical professional has been negligent in their professional conduct in any way. In other words, the individual did not use a reasonable person’s behavior to base their conduct on. This could be a result of error during surgery, regular treatment, or even emotional misconduct. For example, sexual harassment of a patient would be considered hospital malpractice as well as medical malpractice. The results of such conduct may either harm a patient emotionally or physically.

Doctors are professional people, and while the common saying is that “anyone can make a mistake”, doctors are at least one exception to that rule, at least where that mistake could cause pain, damage or even death due to a “mistake”. In the same sense, hospital personnel fall into that same category, where mistakes that impact a person’s life are just not acceptable.

If you suspect that you have been a victim of hospital malpractice you may have a case. To determine if you have a claim to file a malpractice lawyer will be needed. A malpractice lawyer will review the claim details that you have filed with insurance and the hospital. They will also ask to see the hospital records, your records, to determine if there is a case. There are several ways to retain a lawyer for hospital malpractice. The state may give you a lawyer to speak with or you can find a medical malpractice lawyer operating in your state.

If the hospital malpractice has injured you to the point that you are unable to work for a short time or ever, you will be eligible for a malpractice suit filed against the hospital. Furthermore, any claim made because of the resulting need for constant medical care will also allow you to seek a settlement. The settlements when malpractice renders you unable to work or in need of constant medical care will be larger.

The courts do not take kindly to malpractice in medicine. They tend to review the cases and in 95 percent of the cases reward a settlement. This is why most of the claims made for malpractice are settled out of court. The hospital doesn’t want the claims on their record. They also want to award a smaller settlement than what might occur through a court of law. Each case is unique and therefore the hospital will have their own investigation launched. But if the lawyer you are working with believes you have grounds for a valid case, then the hospital’s own investigation will likely reveal the same thing, and chances are high that they will want to settle out of court to avoid the high publicity that naturally occurs.

In fact medical personal must carry malpractice insurance in order to work in any medical environment. A doctor in a hospital malpractice suit found without the proper insurance could face criminal charges as well as the malpractice settlement. If you have been injured, mistreated, or experienced any other form of hospital malpractice it is essential that you seek a malpractice lawyer to gain a deserved settlement.

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